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"Airplay Gay Porn on an HDTV with an iPad"

Stream Porn to your Apple TV from an iPad

"Airplay Gay Porn on an HDTV with an iPad"

Airplay videos to your TV

Helix Studios has been compatible with most mobile browsers since October of 2010, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with Flash 10. As a Helix Studios member you can always watch any of our videos in full length on the go. Now imagine having the capability to drag and drop your videos to your very own HD television screen. Watching Cody Cachet, Kevin Kandy or Tommy Anders in all their glory streaming on your big screen HDTV is no longer just fantasy!

Helix Studios’ videos have always been compatible with devices like the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with a few extra steps requiring that you download the videos from a computer and share your library to those devices. Well not anymore! With the new Apple TV 2.0 and the iPad iOS 4.3 upgrade you can stream videos from your iPad directly to your Apple TV – the result, streaming Helix Studios scenes in beautiful full screen smooth playback.

Our tech department has made some minor adjustments to our site that allows the new Apple AirPlay to stream the entire Helix Studios video library instantly (that’s over 1400+ scenes.) The way it works is surprisingly simple but reminds you of something you would see in a sci-fi movie. You launch Safari on your iPad, or iPad 2, log into your Helix Studios member account and start watching a video. When the video comes up, you will see a little rectangle with arrow shooting out it. That’s your new friend AirPlay. Airplay sends your pictures, audio and video to the Apple TV. Got surround sound? Audio is also available with Airport Express and third-party speakers that support AirPlay.

Tap Apple TV to stream to your TV

When watching videos on your iPad from, click the Airplay button (the icon with an upward facing triangle inside the rectangle.) Then click on the Apple TV option as seen above.

iPad streaming gay porn to your Apple TV

Sample view from your iPad streaming Helix videos to your Apple TV

Now that you’ve mastered AirPlay here’s a check list of what you’ll need to stream hot gay porn to your TV. An iPad with iOS 4.3,  an Apple TV 2.0 ($99), and your membership to Helix Studios.

Pushing video from the iPad to the big screen is revelatory; it looks and sounds fantastic. Knowing that you can walk into any Apple TV-equipped household and instantly show off your favorite Helix Studios porn in beautiful HD from your iPad will impress even the hottest of hookups. I myself prefer jacking off to porn on the biggest screen in the house. Why be limited to a computer screen, or even your iPad when you can see life-sized hot horny guys fucking on your flatscreen. Recently I even took my iPad to a friend’s house where we had a little sex/spank fetish party with a couple we met from SpankThis Hookups. The host had music streaming from his Apple TV 2, so I took advantage of the situation and streamed threeway scenes from Fratboy all night long. It was a good time! Now someone just needs to invent a lube resistant iPad cover 😉

Helix Studios Home Page Screenshot

iPhone Home Screen Icon for Helix Studios

Now that you know that you can take your Helix Studios porn anywhere you go with your iPhone, iPod Touch (or other smart phones), you might want to check our this neat trick to save the Helix Studios website as a home screen icon on your iPhone. This way, you don’t even have to open Safari and look up the bookmark for Helix Studios, instead, you will have a neat little icon that will launch the site directly form the iPhone home screen.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Open Safari, and go to

Helix Studios Home Page Screenshot

Helix Studios in Safari

Step 2: Click the + (plus) button at the bottom of the screen

Add to Home Screen Screenshot

Add to Home Screen

Step 3: Click the “Add to Home Screen” button

Home Screen icon name

Home Screen Icon Name

Step 4: Change the name to Helix Studios and click the blue Add button.

iPhone Home Screen with Helix Studios Icon

iPhone Home Screen with Helix Studios Icon

That’s it, we’re done. Now, Helix Studios’s website will be a fingertip away.

PS: If you even want to remove the icon, press and hold it for a few seconds, until you see all the icons on your home screen shaking, and press the little X symbol to remove the icon.

Helix Studios iPhone Screen Shot

Helix Studios on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android

Helix Studios iPhone Screen Shot

Helix Studios Porn on your iPhone

One of the many new features of the new Helix Studios websites, is it’s compatibility with most smart phones. If you are a member of the site, you can enjoy most of the videos available online right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, or Android based phones. Just login to the site using your phone, and select a video to play. On the iPhone, you will see a little Quicktime icon overlayed over the main still for the video you selected. Touch this icon to begin playing the video.

Non members can also browse the Helix Studios website on their mobile phone and watch all free xxx porn clips we upload weekly, along with movie trailers for new DVDs.

New Site Features: Zipped Galleries

Hello Fans of Helix Studios,

I’m sure you all have noticed the changes to the new site. Besides the cosmetic changes, we have added a few new features that many of you requested.

The members area allows you to view high-resolution stills of each of our scenes. But until now, to download the pictures, you had to “Right-Click” each thumbnail and download each photo individually. The new website allows you to download an entire photo set for a video in a zipped file.

To download the zipped gallery for a video, login to the members area, select a video, and scroll down to the Download section. Click on the link for the zip file, below the video downloads, and a download will begin.

Zipped Galleries

We hope you enjoy this and the other new features on the site. Stay tuned for more tip and tricks on our blog.