Ian Levine is one of those shy but assured “next-door” Midwestern boys, the quiet ones that you never know what they’re really thinking. Luckily, Ian agreed to open his mouth and little boy hole for Helix Studios and what followed was pretty naughty and revealing:

What was your first word? Puppy 🙂

How big is your dick? It’s a 6.5″


You seem really sweet & quiet in your Helix scenes. How loud do you get with your bf? 🙂 I’m about the same in bed with the bf but with the experience I’m starting to get gradually louder 🙂

How old were you when you sucked your first guy? How old when you first tried anal? 18 for both

Do you prefer to have a guy cum down your throat or up your ass? Throat. I like to see it, watching a guy cum is really hot!

Ian likes the view

Do you prefer to bttm or top on cam? Is that different than in a real relationship? I like both on and off camera

What sexual position do you like the most when you’re bottoming? When you’re topping? I like to be on my back when I bottom and doggy when I top

Do you like bottoming better? I’m extremely versatile. I like both equally

Biggest orgy you’ve had?! I haven’t been in anything bigger than a threesome

Ian in Cock Slut Threeway
Ian in Cock Slut Threeway

You & Thor have been having some hot 3ways lately! What’s that like? How do you start them off? They’re pretty hot!!!! They usually start by either kissing or when one of us decides to take our clothes off

How do you & Thor come to an agreement on a third partner if he likes twinks & you like jocks? When it comes to threesomes he likes jocks to top me. 😉

What was it like when you shot that DP scene with Kyle Ross & Jessie Montgomery? It was kinda awkward

A Twilight Bareback DP
A Twilight Bareback DP

What was going through your mind during your first porn scene (non-solo)? “Whoa…. Uh… Don’t pass out…” Lol

How do you have sex on camera? It’s kinda scary, right? No not at all! I just tune out everything else 😛

Do you & your bf watch any porn together? Not together but we do watch it separately at the same time lol

What’s your favorite kind of porn to watch and/or jerk off to? I love muscle/jock boys

Ian taking it from Coach Kellan Parker
Ian taking it from Coach Kellan Parker

Counting boyfriends and scene partners, how many guys have you been with? About 15 now

When you do a scene, in order to be horny, do you think about your boyfriend? No not really. Lol 😛

Do you have to refrain from sex before a porn shoot to make sure you have a good money shot? If so how many days do you go with out sex/jerking off? Yes. Usually between 3 days to a week

What do you think about ‘gay for pay’? And guys from’ gay for pay’? Let em do what they want. I like being paired with str8 guys anyway #hotness

Who was your fav model to work with so far? Either Kellan Parker or Evan Parker. (Coincident idk)

Evan Parker
Evan Parker

What is Evan Parker’s personality like? He’s super nice and has a great sense of humor! He is a great guy and very genuine! 🙂

Who has the bigger dick: your boyfriend or a porn star you’ve slept with? Only one or two others had a bigger dick

Are you a size queen? In a sense…If the shoe fits

What’s the biggest dick you’ve taken? And what’s the biggest dick you want to take? I think it was a nine. And I want to be able to take at least an eleven 😛

Ian wants 11"
Ian wants 11″

What do you like more, your bf’s dick or ass? They both look pretty massive. Ass! It’s a great pillow! And it feels great! 😉

How do you manage to have such a sexy ass? 🙂 You only do squats to keep your bubble butt round and firm? I do more than just squats! I do squats and lunges for my legs and butt and then I do some arms, chest, and ab exercises. I also eat special food

What’s your obsession with underwear all about? I just like the designs, the colors, and how comfortable they are

Thnx 4 ur sexy ass pics, I’d love to spoil that ass of yours 😛 (a Dutch fan) Aww! You’re welcome! 😉

Sweet smooth ass
Sweet smooth ass

Do you and Thor spank each other? Yeah, a bit. We like to play with each others butts 😉

I think Thor is a sex addict, I mean every time he exercises he comes after you…top him next time! Lol oh I top him plenty 😉

I bet you and your bf are wild in the bedroom. Is that a fair assumption? It’s fair lol

Ian topping
Ian wild in the bedroom

You guys fuck all the time. ever get interrupted and can’t finish right away? No not really,  we’ve had good privacy 🙂

When you two are together who typically does what? Or do y’all flip flop? We do a lot of flip-flopping 🙂

Rimming? Yes, no? Giving or receiving? Yes! It’s nice either way 😛

Max Carter rimming Ian
Max Carter likes rimming too

Major turn ons? and Major turn offs? Ass-eating, kissing, pretty eyes, sexy body, handsome face, big ass are major turn ons

Are you both European descendants? or German? I’m Czech and he is Lithuanian

You love the Mexican boys??? Yes! Mexican guys are so hot!

What do you miss the most now that you don’t live in Hawaii anymore? The beach

Someone gives you & your boyfriend two plane tickets. Where would you like the destination to be? I would love to go to London!

Ian the dreamer
Ian the dreamer

Do you have any regrets in your life? No regrets yet

What’s your biggest dream? and what’s your biggest fantasy? My dreams are a secret and my fantasy includes sexy men 😉

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  1. I realize that writing a comment 2-3 years after the fact is akin to barking at the moon, but having been only recently exposed to Ian’s many charms I have a question of my own.

    In most shoots Ian seems much paler than whoever he’s with. in some of the early scenes his skin looks darn well White. Is this genetics, chemically induced or just a severe lack of sunshine?

  2. I’m in… I want to try for ten pounds in six weeks but I’ll be okay if I can hit six. Just a warning… I’ll be looking for lots of support… any ideas…recipes, tips, words of wisdom etc. I am going to attempt to come up with some kind of blog so I can have accountability. I am stuck on a blog name. I feel such pressure when I read the cool names onyour blogroll.

  3. Martine ty si taky lama viď.. vždycky, když píšu delší příspÄ›vek, tak tam musíš vmÄ›stnat nÄ›jakej svůj aby to nemÄ›lo kontinuitu… i když teď mi to trvalo trochu dýl, protože jsem mezitím koukal na Alpu.. a mam ti to prej pochválit


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