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Written by deniz

This week, just in time for the Holiday Season, we’ve added a few new features the Helix Studios Members area that we hope will put a smile on your face and a chubby in your pants.

More models, More videos, More updates

The Helix Studios Members area now features hand-picked bonus videos from Staxus and BoyCrush streaming in full 1080p HD (see below). In addition to the existing multiple weekly exclusive Helix Studios releases, we’re premiering up to four bonus videos per week. Now enjoy something new on Helix Studios every day of the week!

BoyCrush Here There Where

Kyler Moss and Jack Persley from BoyCrush. Added December 17th, 2014.

Staxus - Smoking Hot Fuck

Jaxon Radoc and Lewis Taylor from Staxus. Added December 15th, 2014.

Twink Locker Room

Jordan Jacobs and Billy Rubens from Staxus. Added December 19th, 2014.

Full High Definition Streaming in 1080p

With the new updates, we’ve also updated our Streaming Player on all new releases and added full 1080p High Definition streaming to all members. Now you can stream 1080p videos on all your devices from desktop to laptop to mobile to Roku.

The new player which is currently available for our latest releases, reduces buffering by optimizing the video to your internet connection speed. If you are familiar with the Youtube player, you’ll feel right at home with our new player which lets you select quality manually or automatically. The new player lets you seek to any part of the video instantly while allowing you to preview thumbnails of the entire video. You can even use your keyboard LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move ahead or back by 5 seconds.

Preview Thumbnails and Quality Switcher

Preview Thumbnails and Quality Switcher

We are working hard to get our entire library into the new 1080p format with the new streaming player. Expect to see your favorite scenes converted to the new player in the coming weeks.

Happy Holidays, and we hope you enjoy these updates and bonus content.

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  • Will downloads be offered in 1080?

    Also – until today, you about 20 pages of models. Now, there are only 5. So, no way to find films of older models. is this permanent? (Hope not!)

  • The “Models”-section is partially destroyed at the moment. Many models are missed. Please restore the “Models”-section!!! Thx!

  • I use a Samsung Chromebook to watch your videos and since the streaming was changed, your videos now buffer constantly, even if I watch them on the lowest quality setting. Please change it back, or I’ll have to leave.

  • I love your new Boycrush and Staxus videos. Keep them coming.
    Also, are you working on problems with two of your earlier videos, i.e. Fucking Twinks 2 (scene with Niki Culkin–will not play) and Raw Seductions (scene featuring Niki Caulkin, sound drops out after a few minutes; and the scene with Tristan Tyler—won’t play at all).

  • Thanks for all the comments. We fixed the bug that caused some of the model pages to disappear off the site today. It was just a technical error that affected the way the models were being listed. Helix Studios has over 900 models and over 2300 scenes, all of them still available to all members.

    1080p downloads are not yet available. We are considering adding this feature in the near future. Streaming videos that are released after December 14th are all streaming in 1080p.

    The new studios were added on as bonus content. The Helix Studios exclusive releases will not decrease in any way. In 2013-2014, we have adopted a three full scene per week release schedule. This has not changed and will not change in the future. The only thing different is that the rest of the 4 days of the week, you will have something new to watch if you so desired. Otherwise, stay tuned for our regular weekly exclusive Helix Studios updates.

  • Steven, can you contact our support team so we can help you out with the streaming issue you are having with your Chromebook? You can contact us by clicking the Customer Service link on the home page, or the little “Ask Us” tab that you will see on the left of your browser window when you are logged in to the members area. Otherwise you can also email support [a] helixstudios.com.

  • What happen to all the spanking videos? Hasn’t been a new one in months. Ill probably leave and go back to Spanking Central

  • Streaming videos will not play and as a result, I’m paying for services im no love Niger able to view. Please fix this, or I’ll be forced to stop subscribing to this website.

  • Streaming videos will not play and as a result, I’m paying for services I’m no longer able to view. Please fix this, or I’ll be forced to stop subscribing to this website.

  • would sooner helix go back to its original state and leave out boycrush and staxus. i personaly subscribe to staxus annualy and boycush is rubish. the additions confuse me when i am only wanting helix content. if this cayys on i shall not visit helix again. i have subscribed to the site for the last five years or so.

  • I can’t play the videos on my Windows Phone 8.1. Please fix this bug. I pay every month so much and i can see this videos only on my laptop :-/

  • I just wanted to comment I love the spanking vids and wish you would do more. But the spankee has to wind up fucked to make it hot. I personally get nothing out of watching a cute twins spanked and then left unfucked. In closing, if yo wanted to drive me up a wall, get Jessie Spanked and fucked he need it, before he mature out of the site LOL.

  • I wake-up daily to Helix, I find it a great way to get my blood flowing. I rarely have issues viewing videos but if I do, it’s probably due to my Roku which I then just reboot and things work just fine. (all things)

  • i really miss your magic! it’s more than a year that had paessd the last time you had your magic special SIMPLY MAGIC at AXN. when will be your next special? please do more specials for your fans who can not watch your live performance. am looking forward for it. miss you! have a blissful year ahead!

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