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BEHIND THE SCENES: Helix Academy Bloopers

Written by Peter Cross

“Helix Academy 5” with Scotty Clark and Evan Parker is less than two weeks away! Before meeting the fresh new faces of the incoming class it seems appropriate to pay tribute to the stars that helped bring so much charisma to the first installment of the storied twink charter school. Dive further into the secrets surrounding Helix Academy only this time they’re not as dark and devious as those explored in the film. Instead, the Helix Academy Blooper reel showcases the silly side of the cast and crew proving once again that all work and no play is definitely not the Helix way. Although the rigors of pulling off a production like Helix Academy requires plenty of hard work, to me the success of the film came from the community that developed during those late nights on set: the jokes and small moments that everyone bonded around which ultimately brought a light-heartedness to the screen. Get to know Father Glenn and all the boys of Helix Academy in these exclusive Behind the Scenes bloopers.

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