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EXCLUSIVE: Felix Warner First Look

Written by Peter Cross

The Helix Studios production team loves hiking with young studs to exotic locations for fresh filming ideas. This week we hung out with new model Felix Warner in the foothills of Julian, CA to enjoy some fresh air and famous apple pie. The quaintness of the surroundings highlighted Felix’s classically chiseled features reminiscent of a certain James Dean pout. Stay tuned, we can’t wait to show you more of this rebellious Helix hottie!

Introducing Felix Warner

Introducing Felix Warner

Channeling James Dean's sexual seductiveness

Channeling James Dean’s sexual seductiveness

Felix ready for his close up

Felix can’t wait to come down the mountain and show you what he can do

How would you cast Felix in a feature film? Submit story ideas in the comments below for the chance to see Felix play your character in an upcoming scene…

You can follow Felix at @FelixWarnerXXX

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