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TOP 5 Kyle Ross GIFs

Written by Peter Cross

What’s a GIF? Primarily an awesome way to watch porn but also a “Guy I’d Fuck”. Enjoy the Top 5 Kyle Ross GIFs:

Anderson & Kyle in "Anderson's First Time Remembered"

Anderson Lovell & Kyle in “Anderson’s First Time Remembered”

"Kyle Ross Raw Fantasy"

“Kyle Ross Raw Fantasy”

"Taken by Brute Force"

“Taken by Brute Force”

"Seducing Kyle"

“Seducing Kyle”

"The Party Continues..."

“The Party Continues…”

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Peter Cross


  • I love Kyle because he is vocal and says the “F” word a lot and begs to get fucked. Some scenes are really boring with twenty minutes of huffing and puffing and grunting. I love to hear a boy say “fuck me” like he means it. Kyle and before him Dustin Revees are my all-time favorite Helix boys.

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