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Summertime Twinks

Summertime Twinks DVD
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Summertime Twinks DVD

Summertime Twinks is the perfect throwback DVD for those hot and sweaty summer afternoons. Featuring Helix All-Stars Cody Cachet and Skyelr Bleu at the cool price of $14.96 when you use promo code: NewReleaseSale. These 12 sexy boys-of-summer play in the sunshine and frolick in the pool like puppy dogs in heat getting nice and wet to take all 9″ of Cody’s smooth teen cock. Purchase the DVD from Mankind Video, sale ends July 24th.

Catch some more summer fun with Helix’s “Nude Twinks at Black’s Beach” and the new Helix boy line-up including Corey HayesNicholas Reed and Scotty Clarke in “The Blonds are Back!”

Summertime Twinks DVD

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  • Since Skyelr is considered an “All star Twink” why not bring him back into the studio. He has been gone for too long as it is.

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