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ASK ME ANYTHING: Anderson Lovell

Written by Peter Cross

Jet-setting sweetheart Anderson Lovell has admirers all over the world but thankfully the sexy Spaniard is no longer an International Man of Mystery after fans bombarded the smooth tan twink with plenty of personal questions for his Ask Me Anything:

Lovell, Anderson Lovell

Lovell, Anderson Lovell

What star sign are you? I’m a Scorpio

How old when you lost your virginity? I was 14.  How old are you now? I’m 19

May I ask how tall you are?5’11

Are you uncut? Yes, I’m uncut

Uncut Anderson

Uncut Anderson

What is your favorite sexual position? Missionary but there’s a lot more that I really enjoy

Do you like to bottom or top? I prefer to top but if it’s a hot masculine guy I’d obviously bottom lol

Anderson & Conner Kline in "Inviting the Gardener In"

Anderson & Conner Kline in “Inviting the Gardener In”

When was the last time you got fucked? Last time I bottomed was for my scene with Jessie Montgomery for Helix Academy

Was Helix Academy as much fun to film as it looks? Sooo much fun! We all had an unforgettable time 🙂

The boys of Helix Academy

The boys of Helix Academy

I love your Spanish accent where did you learned to talk like that?? I didn’t learn my accent haha it’s natural, I’m from España.  Where are you originally from? I’m from Madrid but I’m a Barcelona football fan

What’s dick in Spanish? “Polla”.  I think you should visit Spain again soon. And stop-off in the UK! I’ll show you round! I go every 6 months…You are a pilot, come get me haha

Would you like to come here in Italy? I’ve been to Italy before, it’s beautiful.  You have fans in Russia. Did you know that? I didn’t know but I’m really glad. (: I love Russia

International Anderson in "Bilingual Threeway"

International Anderson in “Bilingual Threeway”

Do you know Saudi Arabia? I’m from SA and admire you and want to meet you. Of course I know about your country! Thank you so much for your support.  All people in Saudi Arabia love you and I am the first of them. It makes my day to know this

You need to come to Australia! I’ll be all cute and stuff for you and everything ^_^ you’re my favourite pornstar 😛 Australia is one of the countries I’ll visit someday (:

Would you like to fuck an Asian? Oh yeah (; I had an Asian boyfriend before.  Do you have a boyfriend right now? No, I’m single

Is there something going on between you and Matthew Keading? No! He was just my scene partner. He’s a really nice guy.

Anderson & Matthew Keading in "Hollywood Pride Hook-up"

Anderson & Matthew Keading in “Hollywood Pride Hook-up”

Is it weird if you message someone you don’t really know but you want to get to know by just saying “hey”? We don’t really know each other but I think he’s cute and I don’t know if he would be creeped out or not 😡 No! Go ahead and say “hey”…you never know what could happen, he could be secretively in love with you (:

Are you crushing on anyone? I like Jessie Montgomery

Anderson & Jessie

Anderson & Jessie

Your first love? This guy I met in high school, he’s my bestfriend now

Have you ever meet some of your fans? Yes, many!  What’s your attitude to female fans? Omg it makes my day everytime I see a girl who is tweeting me lol

Have you had a girlfriend? Yes about 4 times.  Have you ever had a sex with girl? Yes and I love it.  Ever had a guy and a girl at the same time? No

What’s your idea of a perfect date night? Romantic dinner in front of a beach and wild sex afterwards

Sexy on the beach

Sexy on the beach

Asleep in "Anderson's Wet Dream"

Asleep in “Anderson’s Wet Dream”

Say if I wanted to get you your favorite flower for our first date on the balcony, what flower would it be? White roses are my favorite and btw that sounds soo freaking romantic :3 xxx

Do you like candy and/or chocolate? I’m addicted to sweets

What is one of your sexual fantasies? I have a few…I’d love to have sex in a boat, at night, looking at the sky while I get fucked (;

What’s your favorite meal so we could eat and I could hold ur hand under the stars? Aw I would probably like foie gras, veal parmesan or a lobster and wild prawn medley

Boy's cooking in "Kung Pao Sex"

Boy’s cooking in “Kung Pao Sex”

Who would you fuck if you can choose among celebrities? Louis Tomlinson mmm

What’s your favorite scene with Helix? My scene with Evan Parker

Anderson's favorite scene

Anderson’s favorite scene

What’s Kurt Summers like? He is so hot. Aw he’s so beautiful and such a cool guy

How was it getting fucked by Casey Tanner? Oh damn, I wish I coud of fucked him instead haha (;  He’s so sexy

Casey Tanner fucking Anderson

Casey Tanner fucking Anderson

If you and Jordan Thomas do a scene who would top and who would bottom? I wish he could bottom for me but I don’t really care

Who’s has the biggest cock you’ve ever taken and how big was it? Roman Daniels. Very painful but it felt good haha 😉

Roman Daniel's "Dickzilla"

Roman Daniel is “Dickzilla”

How did you decide to be a porn star? Well since I was really young I always dreamed about being in porn, Jesse Starr was my idol. And now he’s a good friend of mine lol

Is it hard to find friends not in porn who both don’t judge you and don’t hit on you? My life is amazing and I have lots of friends who won’t ever judge me

A lot of people view porn stars (especially young ones) as superficial and shallow people. Being within the industry do you find that to be true? I’d say not everyone is like that, I’ve met really nice and down to earth porn stars. I also have met some of them that think they are just better than everyone else. I feel sorry for them lol

You are a porn star and have sex with everyone. But then whats special about sex? Like what if you get a boyfriend? I would be so jealous if my boyfriend had sex with everyone. Only us porn models know what being in porn really is like. People have different opinions about it and honestly I’m having an amazing life. I was with my last boyfriend for almost two years. He always supported me on everything I did.

Porn Star extraordinaire

Your scenes for Helix have been very impressive! However, I wish more time was spent on teasing and foreplay rather than just jumping right into the heavy sex. Would you like that? Is foreplay important to you? I do what I’m asked for. And I try to do it the best I can. I can’t just change what the director has already planned even though I’ve done it sometimes haha. And yes foreplay is very important to me.

Are you ticklish? Omg I’m soo freaking ticklish lolz

Do you like to lick ass? One of my favorite things to do

Licking ass in "Anderson's First Time Remembered"

Licking ass in “Anderson’s First Time Remembered”

Foreplay from "A Most Tasty Twink"

Foreplay from “A Most Tasty Twink”

Ever had sex off camera with a model you had a scene with? Yes I have! After we were done with everything we had to do.  Do you have a lot of sex when you’re not filming porn? Mm well since I’m single right now I rarely do

How often do you jerk off?‎ About twice or once a day.  How many times have you gotten off in one day? 3 times the most

Anderson Lovell Jerk-Off

Would you do a spanking scene? Of course! I’ve never done one but I’d love to get spanked

Do you have a favorite hobby? I enjoy reading, playing the guitar and I love movie theaters.  Are you reading anything interesting right now?‎ I was reading The 10 Greatest Impostors Of The 20th Century.  What’s your favorite movie? Memoirs of a Geisha. Such a tragic and beautiful love story

Would you iMessage and chat with me before I go to bed? xx Yes I would

International sweetheart Anderson Lovell

International sweetheart Anderson Lovell

You can follow Anderson at @anderson_lovell

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