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NEW RELEASE: Night of Passion

Written by Peter Cross

In the heat of the night these horny boys all crave one thing…Roman Daniels! When the clock strikes midnight these boys want to fuck and boy do they fuck! Roman takes pleasure in sliding his huge 9 inch cock into several smooth boy holes and when he needs a break he is eager to take a cock or two himself. Watch Evan Parker as he gives Roman a back massage that leads to a deep internal massage. After all, you never know what can happen…in a Night of Passion. Stream Night of Passion at HelixStudios.com or purchase the DVD from Mankind Video.

Night of Passion

Night of Passion

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Peter Cross


  • Helix is so great I guess you are allowed one dud. I bought the DVD to see Evan Parker but he wasn’t even shown completely naked. Plus, there were no butt shots! He gives a guy a massage but there isn’t even a close up of his hands on the guy’s ass. The use of shadows is OK if you know what you’re doing, otherwise just stick to lighting the scene so that there are no shadows.

  • We love our Helix fans and really appreciate the continued feedback in what you’re liking and especially where we can improve. As such, we have a BIG Evan Parker surprise for you coming up! And there will be plenty of butt shots…just stick with us 🙂

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