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FUNNY FRIDAYS: First Time Remembered Outtakes

Written by Peter Cross

Helix Studios has taken you inside the horny teenage memories of the young Helix boys with First Time Remembered and First Time Remembered Volume 2 as the twinks recounted all the expectations and excitement surrounding the first time having sex. These reenactments of the intimate confessionals is a unique look into what these porn stars were like as innocent virgins…but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun at their naive expense! This week’s Helix Funny Fridays pokes fun at the boy’s cherry-popping teenage experiences because first time sex isn’t always meant to be so serious 😉

Catch up on all the “First Time” action including Corey’s First TimeJamie’s First Time RememberedFirst Time Boy BreedingAnderson’s First Time RememberedDallas’ First Time RememberedChristian’s First Time RememberedDerrick’s First Time RememberedKyler’s First Time RememberedMax’s First Time RememberedLevi’s First Time RememberedTanner’s Secret CrushRoss’ First Time RememberedA First Time RememberedChase’s First Time Remembered and Luke’s First Time Remembered at

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