Oh, To Be A Fly…

Written by Seth Lucas


Oh to be a fly on the wall of a Helix Studios get together. That’s what a #sexiertomorrow scene is all about. Could you imagine the real life tension between all of these gay muscle boys, just ready to pounce and get it on with one another. Watch as three of the horniest Helix Hotties party and move things into a private room for some boy banging that all three get to enjoy.





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Seth Lucas


  • The photo of Chris,Jessie and Max..a snapshot of pure perfection. Any Fly get to see that meets a can of raid! ;-p Am I jealous? much? Hell Yes! that is a classic Helix shot kind of sums up so many scenes this past year.

    Helix has the Hottest boys!

  • Helix has a totally fan-fuc*ing-tastic array of hot boys! Must be something in the air around San Diego that brings out the ‘hot’ in these hotties. Congrats on the Cybersockets award, BTW – it went to the right studio no mistake!

  • I saw a familiar face at the beginning of this video: Pierce from Sean Cody. Will he be featured in Helix movies in the future?

  • Not likely FusionBlue Pierce was still working at Sean Cody (in production) and that alone would make it unlikely. Helix hired Conner Kline AKA SC’s Brice right after this video was recorded so you can tell they are interested in filling out the jock roster at Helix.

  • seeing Jessie fuck and get fucked is like heaven and hell. Heaven to see and hell not to be there 🙂

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